Hello, MVDIC Residents!

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You are one of the approximately 325 households residing within the Marine View Demarwood Community.  Our neighborhood is home to many:  young families, those working, many in-school, and retirees, some new to Federal Way, and those who returned because their hearts have never left.  We’re glad you are included!  We are a community of caring, responsible citizens who love our local experiences, the memories we’ve made, and enjoy views of the mountains and Sound.  We have a neighborhood park and beach access within walking distance. To see a map of the MVDIC boundary area click here

Keeping the essential repair to this access includes regular maintenance to structure pilings, posts, over 90 footings, 161 stairs, multiple railings, landings, protection fence, electronically controlled gate, lawn, and the  walking path.  Every year MVDIC pays about $8,000 for this upkeep to the park and beach access at 1250 SW 296th Street.  This cost is easily shared when all contribute to annual neighborhood membership fees.

What Do You Receive When You Join MVDIC?

Where else can you receive so many services for about $10 per month?

Community Beach Property: 1250 SW 296th St (the park between addresses 1240 and 1254)

Don't hesitate to contact us! Email Address: contact@mvdic.org